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This website tells you all you need to know about a variety of green leafy vegetable that's so sweet and tasty your children will eat it.

What is Red Russian Kale?

Red Russian Kale has an exotic name and, for a green leafy vegetable, a very different taste. It has a sweet taste, not bitter like traditional varieties of curly kale. It can be eaten as baby leaf or fully grown and still maintains its sweet flavour. Great to encourage the kids to eat their greens! And, it looks interesting with frilly leaves and a crimson veining.

I’m Chris Molyneux, a specialist grower of Red Russian Kale, on my 250-acre farm in South West Lancashire.

I have been farming Red Russian Kale for eight years. As a highly experienced grower of traditional curly kale, cavalo nero and red kale – plus the more traditional green vegetables of spring greens - I decided to grow Red Russian Kale because of it’s interesting colour and surprisingly sweet flavour; a feature that I noticed appeals to my daughters who don’t usually like to eat their greens.

Delicious and nutritious!

It is also a highly nutritious vegetable with powerful antioxidant properties and anti-cancer properties, so it's good for you too.
Chris Molyneux in a field of Red Russian Kale at his farm in Lancashire, UK.

We are located at:

Molyneux Farm, Asmall Lane, Scarisbrick. L40 8JL



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We have moved to MolyneuxKale.com. This site will be closing down soon.


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